by Steven M. Darter 

Are you highly motivated by the work you are doing?
Are you are performing at your best?
Are your employees highly motivated and performing at their best?

You will learn concepts and techniques about SIMA® (the System for Motivated Abilities®) that will enable you to better tap into your motivated strengths and those of your employees to improve effectiveness, productivity, and work satisfaction; how to prevent those strengths from becoming weaknesses that can damage performance and productivity; and how to create a work environment that helps your organization and teams maximize their potential.


Managing Yourself, Managing Others. Now in its 3rd. Edition ( 2001, 2011, 2015 )

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“Regardless of where you are in your career: just starting out, somewhere in the middle or nearing the end this is a must read book. Your performance, the performance of your team, and the performance of the organization will dramatically improve if you apply the principles contained in this book. If you’re not excited and energized after reading this book, check your pulse.”

Richard G. Barnaby, President and Chief Operating Officer, Kaiser Permanente

“Not just very interesting and intriguing reading, but a very useful and practical tool. We used SIMA extensively for managerial hiring, internal moves and promotions as well as career planning. We found it to be very accurate, and it should definitely be considered as a great predictive tool for job fit and successful assignments. I used to tell my staff ‘make sure this person gets ‘Darterized’ before we make a final decision.”

Herman Fonteyne, President & CEO, Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc.

I have used Steve Darter and SIMA for 12 years and it has had a tremendous impact on me and my organization. It has been incredible for me to see my own MAP and the MAPs of others and to experience the power of good job fit that capitalizes on motivated strengths. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen as a manager. We have integrated this into the fabric of Medco; its impact has been enormous and a key factor in our continuing success. I highly recommend SIMA and Steve’s book to you.”

Kenneth Klepper, President and Chief Operating Officer, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.

This book addresses the very core of managing and presents the finest tool I’ve seen that promotes human development within the workplace.”

Joseph Carlone, President and General Manager, Linemaster Switch Corporation

“Steve Darter’s book reinforces for me the enormous value I extracted from the SIMA process and the understanding of my own MAP. The fundamental truths inherent in the principles of understanding and managing to one’s MAP were waiting to be discovered and revealed. Steve’s book elaborates on the value of applying these principles to the management of our own lives and to our effectiveness in managing others. I highly recommend the book to you.”

Frederick J. Sievert, President and Vice Chairman, New York Life Insurance Company

“When I was first introduced to SIMA I thought it was just going to be another packaged approach to self-discovery. However, it is, by far, the most productive assessment and personal awareness tool I have ever used. Even now, more than two years later, I pull my copy of my MAP out from time to time to make sure that I’m still focusing on my motivated abilities. This book distills the entire process and its value thoroughly but clearly, and is a must read.”

Thomas Kilby, President, Waring Products

“SIMA has been enormously helpful to me and the organizations I have served. People’s gifts and God given talents are described accurately by SIMA. It is a practical approach that honors the individual. I had my SIMA done over twenty five years ago and I still appreciate the insights.”

Albert Quie, Former Governor, Minnesota 

“The basic idea of finding out what people are driven to do well and then developing their jobs around those abilities is a uniquely simple, but elegant concept that is clearly explained in Steve Darter’s book, Managing Yourself Managing Others. The elegance resides in the fact that many people don’t know what they are motivated to do well, nor do their supervisors. This is the fact that gives the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities a unique value, because it allows the unlocking of a new depth of human resources that would otherwise go undiscovered and untapped. I have used this basic approach for the past 15 years and found it to be tremendously rewardingto the individual and our company.”

—Stephen D. Ban, Ph.D., President and CEO, Gas Research Institute

“Steve explains a structured process to apply common sense principles to the most important decisions we make regarding our careers. Motivation is the compelling variable that underlies our ultimate successes, failures, contentment, and frustrations. This book teaches us how to understand and use our personal motivations to manage our careers and the careers of the people we manage. The insights are immediately applicable, thanks.”

Jerry Gotthainer, President, Ascendia Health

To learn what motivates you and your people to be effective and advance your organization, invest the time to read Steve Darter’s book. Steve can bring sound methods to help you optimize your people power.”

R.Channing Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer, Uniprise, A UnitedHealth Group Company

“As I made my personal decision to leave my business career and join World Vision, I found the results of my SIMA assessment very helpful in reinforcing my call to this ministry. We have used SIMA extensively to assure job fit and performance at the senior levels.”

Richard Stearns, President, World Vision United States

“I have been an advocate for SIMA for the last nine years, as CEO of two health care organizations. SIMA provides a view of how individuals will actually do the work. Its accuracy and predictive descriptions is almost uncanny. My most recent organizations have used SIMA to assess over 500 individuals for critical leadership assessment, selection, and succession planning.”

Richard Norling, Chief Executive Officer, Premier

“In making my move to Fairview, SIMA was critical to the decision. Our senior team has used SIMA to understand the strengths of senior team members prior to selection.”

David Page, Chief Executive Officer, Fairview Health System

“I have found SIMA to clarify the basic strengths that people bring to their work. I have used SIMA in my own personal decision making, with members of my family, in staffing my offices and I often recommend it to clients in my current consulting practice.”

David Durenberger, Former US Senator, Minnesota

“I found my journey with SIMA to be a life-defining experience. In my opinion, it’s the best tool to understand the dynamics of individuals in corporations. It’s also the best tool to understand yourself. The good people of PMI (Art Miller Jr. and Steven Darter, in particular) have generously shared the process and insights with you through this book. Take advantage of their generosity.”

Drew Blanchard, Former General Manager of McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Information Services and a principal consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation

Managing Yourself, Managing Others contains information, insights, and understandings that will endure throughout one’s business career, and beyond. A truly impactful approach to understanding business and personal motivations and success factors.”

James E. Miller, Executive Vice President, MassMutual Financial Group

“As a result of the SIMA process, I have seen light bulbs go on as individuals realize what makes them tick. Steve is adept at capturing the essence of a person’s strengths. It’s uncanny how he is able to distill such pearls from the complexities that characterize people’s life experiences. I have worked with Steve to profile leadership teams in two, top tier companies. To a person, executives found the process extremely valuable and insightful. They continue to use MAP profiles to make staffing decisions, configure teams, and identify appropriate ‘stretch assignments” for individuals. I recommend Steve’s book to you.”

Linda H. Lewis, Ed.D., Senior Vice President, Learning and Education, Charles Schwab & Company

The field of management and self-improvement are cluttered with trends that come and go. In sharp contrast, Steve Darter’s book and its description and use of SIMA is the most powerful and enduring people and self-management tool I have employed in my personal and professional life. Since being introduced to SIMA in the mid-80’s, I have seen the process unfailingly deliver awareness, insight, and direction that no other process is capable of. I’ve had the privilege of working with Steve to drive the process broadly and deeply into our R&D organization, where it has proven invaluable in the hiring, coaching and development, and career planning of our people. If you’re thinking of adding one process to your toolbox, clear out some of the clutter and make room for SIMA……you will not be disappointed.”

Frank Pacholec Ph.D., VP R&D, Stepan Company

“A very powerful tool to improved productivity and enjoying your work. It has application to yourself, your employees, and your family – put it to good use!!!”

Eric B. Warming, Global Engineering Director, Dupont Dow Elastomers

“Seventeen years ago I completed the Motivated Abilities program (SIMA) with Steve Darter. It provided me with some very interesting ‘sign posts’ to watch for in my corporate activities and since then, I’ve been struck by the accuracy of the programs conclusions related to the matching of my personal characteristics. Most importantly, in those cases where potential mismatches might have otherwise created major problems or concerns for me, I’ve found that I’ve been prepared and able to manage them effectively.”

David C Tiemeier, Ph.D., Vice President, Pharmaceutical Leasing, Searle, A Monsanto Company

Managing Yourself, Managing Others is a must read for anyone who cares to fully comprehend and then optimize their own innate motivational forces or those of their employees. Darter has given us a wonderfully written treatise on a subject that has the unusual dimension of pertaining to everyone.”

Dr. William B Sherwood, Vice President HR, Administration, & Infrastructure, Philips Research Labs

“Steve Darter’s book, Managing Yourself, Managing Others brilliantly captures the relevance and value of linking individual potential to the needs of organizations. He successfully uses the SIMA technology as the catalyst for identifying motivated abilities and optimizing the organization’s human resources by focusing them on achieving business objectives. Truly a win-win strategy.”

Alfred G. Wilke, Vice President, Human Resources, Travelers Property Casualty Company

“It was my pleasure and privilege to read your manuscript. Your approach to leadership affirms the individual’s energy, culture, wisdom, and encourages self-direction. For persons facing decisions, career changes, or seeking meaning in their lives your work is a solid foundation that uses the crucial threads of their life to develop and achieve the framework for their beliefs and choices. Your book is insightful, unusual, intelligent, and interesting.”

Marylouise Fennell, RSM, Ed.D., Past President, Carlow College (PA), Senior Consultant, Council of Independent Colleges

“This concise and richly illustrated book is a must read for anyone interested in improving performance and enhancing motivation at work. Whether the focus of your interest is on yourself, your direct reports, or coaching others how to realize rewards from their work efforts you will find sage advice throughout this book from one of the premier career consultants working today.”

James W. Fairfield-Sonn, Ph.D., Dean, Barney School of Business, University of Hartford

“In Managing Yourself, Managing Others, Steve Darter provides a concise way to understand each individual’s strengths and Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP). The flatter organizations in favor today require that each employee has increased responsibility for bottom line performance. Similarly, the increased use of teams to shorten cycle times requires that employees work together effectively. The manager must understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and what motivates their efforts in order to place people in the right position in the organization and to form effective teams. Steve provides a direct way to assess the motivational patterns of employees. The proper application of this process can result in more effective, satisfied employees and a more competitive organization. Steve’s common sense presentation makes it easy to understand and apply the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) with your employees and yourself.”

George Burman, Dean, School of Management, Syracuse University

“If you have ever questioned how some employees seem to fit so magically with their job, while other people are always at odds with theirs, Managing Yourself, Managing Others is a must read. As an educator, manager, and former management school dean, I have encountered hundreds of people at all ages, who spent too much time stuck in either a personal career crossroad or in poor fit management or staff positions. Steven Darter has captured the essence of ‘best fit’ and this book would have been a powerful resource to them.”

Alyce Gould, Director of Education and Development, New Britain General Hospital; Former Associate Dean of the Business, Hartford Graduate Center

“The SIMA process is the most detailed and in depth assessment I have discovered. It gives understanding to both individuals and their organizations for good planning and decision making. At CCCU several colleges are exploring how to use the process with students to help in retention.”

Robert Andringa, Ph.D., President, Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

Managing Yourself, Managing Others clearly delivers on its promise of providing a new way to understand and manage people. It is a critical read and ‘must have’ resource for those leaders who seriously want to be more successful managing others and themselves.”

John Madigan, Vice President, Human Resources, Hartford Financial Services Group

“In the years since I went through the SIMA process, I’ve found it extremely valuable in dealing with people whom I have come in contact with through my consulting experience. It has also proved to underscore for me what types of working environments are best suited for me and which types of situations were uncomfortable and caused me to struggle. My only real regret is that I was so far along in my working life that some of my lesser rewarding assignments could have been avoided had I known of the potential of the SIMA system earlier in my career.”

William G. Holbrook, Executive Director, Association for Manufacturing Excellence

“Fortunately Steve Darter introduced me to SIMA as I was retiring from a long career in healthcare management. I used the understanding of my motivational pattern to create a consulting firm and the result has been very satisfying and financially successful.”

Sam Havens, Retired President, Prudential Healthcare; Former Chairman of the American Association of Health Plans